Europe’s Leading Producer of Glass Fibre Yarn & Fabric Tapes

Since 1916, Multiple Winding has been servicing a wide range of industrial markets and global product ranges with textile yarns, woven fabrics and multi-end wound fibres. Our roots go back to the First World War, when we homologised the production of cotton coverings for telephony cables, and since then have been pioneers in the areas of textile yarn manufacture, being one of the first organisations in the world to produce plied glass fibre yarns, and multi-end wound glass/polyester composite yarns for the copper insulation business.


In this, our 100th year, we are proud to be able to continue this position under the ownership of B&W Fiberglass, a leading US manufacturer of texturised glass fibres and glass beams, providing a synergy between businesses and continuing to pioneer new developments and products, whilst continually updating our technologies and our skills.


As a family-owned business, both now and historically, we understand the importance of developing relationships with our customers which differentiate us in the industries we serve as a complete quality supply solution. We look forward to welcoming you to our facilities in Manchester, to meet the team and develop new and exciting business opportunities!

Continual Innovation & Expansion

Our ultimate objective is to produce products tailored to the individual requirements of the customer.

This is achieved through close liaison with our experienced sales and production personnel.

Core Products

Plied Yarns

Our extensive range of plied yarns incorporate a wide range of fibre types, including glass, basalt and polymeric yarns plied and cabled in many configurations. // read more

Multi-End Wound Yarn

Our primary product range of multi-end wound yarns includes glass and polyester composite yarns in various configurations, but we also provide respooling and rewinding services to suit your needs. // read more

Narrow Fabric Weaving

Complementing our yarn product ranges, we have tape weaving facilities for the production of narrow woven tapes in many materials, widths and weaving patterns. // read more

As a business our objective is to produce products tailored specifically to the individual requirements of each and every individual customer.

The products that are made by Multiple Winding differentiate us in our various industries as a complete quality supply solution; our products are now spanning the globe and will continue to find their way to unique destinations. We are committed to developing cost-effective solutions to the demands of our customers, and to maintain the highest possible quality standards within each market sector. Utilising global supply solutions with considerable economies of scale, we can adapt to your needs, whether they are small scale or large, and our experienced staff have the knowledge to understand your requirements.


// read more