Narrow Fabric Weaving

With capability for woven tape manufacture from 25mm to 310mm, Multiple Windings’s weaving division is ideally placed to provide solutions for your tape needs. Our high speed looms can create a wide variety of different weaving patterns, using a range of natural and synthetic fibres for a range of applications including composite reinforcements, cable wrapping and thermal insulation. Fabric is available on a wide range of cores, and wound to customer-specified roll lengths, or lapped into boxes.

Standard Production Features

// Weaving widths from 13mm to 310mm


// Fibres including glass, polyester, nylon, spun rayon, basalt, cotton


// Various weaving patterns available


// Wound into rolls of customer-specified length


// Wide range of core types available


// Immediate stock availability of composite glass products

Product Applications

// Cable wrap


// Air bags


// Automotive


// Marine composites


// Electrical insulation

Specialist Adjustments

// Stainless steel, copper and tinned copper available as woven inserts


// Double-layer styles


// High temperature glass fibres available


// Box-laying instead of winding


// Rewinding onto cardboard, bottles or Kingspools


// Consignment or call-off facilities

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