New Technology and Long Term Product Development

Research and product development is a partnership, and one that we take pride in being involved in. Our team understand that quality is represented in all aspects of that partnership – in the raw materials we choose, the processes we use, the packaging and logistical demands involved, the quality of information – all of these elements are key to our drive towards providing that total quality solution, and we understand that to achieve true cost-effectiveness, quality must be designed in.
As part of our commitment to quality we have a comprehensive and recently refurbished quality testing laboratory, utilising some of the most sophisticated equipment available. This is complemented by a bespoke material testing and analysis software system, designed to provide continual monitoring of our process and product control. In addition, every single package of yarn and every single meter of yarn, is inspected visually by highly skilled operators working to exacting specifications, to ensure that materials are of the highest quality possible.


Our relationship with B&W Fibreglass provides even greater access to technical support. The main business areas BWF are involved in are the supply of glass fibres from Fulltech Fiberglass, based in Taiwan, and this fantastic relationship allows for extensive product development of glass fibres, spin finishes and other technical features. BWF also provide glass warps for weaving, and a wide range of texturised glass products, which complement the Multiple Winding portfolio, and all of their products are available via MWC throughout Europe and beyond. Their team of product and process engineers are readily on hand to provide solutions to technical and market challenges – the collaboration between both companies is a strong one, and we are confident that we can provide the technical support and development that you need!

Dedication & Commitment to Quality

Constant equipment investment and unparalleled technical understanding allows a level
of innovation and product delivery previously unseen in the industry.

Core Products

Plied Yarns

Our extensive range of plied yarns incorporate a wide range of fibre types, including glass, basalt and polymeric yarns plied and cabled in many configurations. // read more

Multi-End Wound Yarn

Our primary product range of multi-end wound yarns includes glass and polyester composite yarns in various configurations, but we also provide respooling and rewinding services to suit your needs. // read more

Narrow Fabric Weaving

Complementing our yarn product ranges, we have tape weaving facilities for the production of narrow woven tapes in many materials, widths and weaving patterns. // read more

As a business our objective is to produce products tailored specifically to the individual requirements of each and every individual customer.

The products that are made by Multiple Winding differentiate us in our various industries as a complete quality supply solution; our products are now spanning the globe and will continue to find their way to unique destinations. We are committed to developing cost-effective solutions to the demands of our customers, and to maintain the highest possible quality standards within each market sector. Utilising global supply solutions with considerable economies of scale, we can adapt to your needs, whether they are small scale or large, and our experienced staff have the knowledge to understand your requirements.


// read more