Plied Yarns

Plied yarns are very simply multiple strands of yarn twisted together. The incoming strands of yarn – known as ‘singles’ – have a twist applied to them during their manufacture, and by twisting two or more singles together in the opposite direction, a plied yarn is created. Two plied singles makes a 2-ply, three plied singles make a 3-ply, and so on, and by plying together plied yarns – a process known as cabling – even greater strand counts can be achieved.


Plied and cabled yarns are used for a wide variety of applications throughout the world, in many different formats. Their benefits over singles yarn include an improvement in tensile strength, by virtue of the twist applied to the fibre – the more twist the higher the strength. Plying also allows for a greater range of product weights to be supplied over and above the singles yarns. The plying process also encapsulates the individual fibre filaments inside the plied bundle, thereby reducing the impact of any filament faults.


The list of raw materials commonly used to make plied yarns is very expansive – from natural fibres such as cotton, wool, silk, jute or hessian, through polyester, nylon and polypropylene, to more advanced fibres such as basalt, high density polyethylene, aramids, NEET and PEET. Glass fibres are also very commonly used as a base for plied yarn constructions, and Multiple Winding specialises in plied glass yarn manufacture, producing a diverse range of materials utilising singles supplied from all major global glass manufacturers, to exacting specifications and unparalleled quality standards. If plied yarn is your need, Multiple Winding can provide it.

Standard PRoduction Features

// Glass, Basalt, Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Spun Natural Fibres


// Tex range 2.8 to 544


// Micron Counts from 4 to 13


// Ply counts from 2 to 10, also cabled products


// Base yarn supply from Vetrotex, Fulltech, AGY, PPG, CPIC, Valmeira – all major global producers


// Wide range of finished package sizes up to 9kg

PRoduct Applications

// Thermocouple sheathing


// Automotive


// Aerospace


// Electrical sleeve braiding


// Architectural and construction materials


// Thermal insulation

Specialist Adjustments

// Plying with stainless steel or copper wire


// Bottle winding or direct cabling onto cardboard core


// High temperature glass fibres


// All commercial glass binder types available

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